Ovens since 1976

Victus begins its activity in 1976 in Colorno (province of Parma) and specializes in the design and production of ovens for bakeries and pastry shops. Since then, Victus has been constantly active in the development and realization of cutting-edge baking solutions for both artisans and food industries.

Production, quality and control

The real understanding of the needs and problems of bakers and pastry chefs drive the whole life cycle of our ovens, from design to production to after-sales service.

Attention to details

The quality and reliability of our ovens have always been the main goals of our productive structure.


Turri Group

In 2003 Victus joins the Turri Group family, moving its operations to the main group plant in Costa di Rovigo.

Group strength

Turri Group, with the experience acquired over more than 50 years in the business, its high technology and its patents, is able to offer the most reliable, advanced and innovative solutions to bakeries, pastry shops and pizzerias. Its companies have a unique experience and technology:


Manufactures machines and equipment for bakeries since 1960


Manufactures equipment for food refrigeration since 1967


Manufactures ovens and cooking systems since 1976

Our products

A complete array of product to serve modern baking processes

Rotary ovens


Rotating rack oven, ideal for bakeries and pastry shops


Slim rotating rack oven for small labs


Rotary oven for 8 or 10 trays, ideal for pastry shops, configurable with electric chamber and proofer

Electric deck ovens

Pulsar Combat

Electric deck oven with independent chambers for bakeries, flexible and suited for all kinds of bread


Modular electric oven with up to 4 independent decks, equipped with proofer

Steam tube ovens


Light steam tube oven for bakeries, flexible and able to cover the most varied productions


Heavy steam tube oven for bakeries, with high thermal inertia, perfect for large loaves baking

Cyclothermic ovens


Cyclothermic oven with 3 or 4 decks, fuelled by combustion of gas or gas oil